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Search for your inherited property-You could inherit property from your paternal, maternal as well as your wife's side

“Since 1960 Gujarati’s started moving to US, UK & Africa with their entrepreneur skills. At that time property left behind was nothing in value, but today it’s nothing less than a treasure, worth millions and even billions in some cases.”

If you are still connected with your motherland and have slightest of the clue regarding properties owned by your forefathers, then you are the lucky one. Everyone is not fortunate enough to have a fortune or even any information about it. We are here to help you reach your fortune hassle free.

We just need some basic information regarding you and your links back home, like your name, Father’s name, Grandfather name, Village name, Taluka name and District name, where they lived and we shall be there with all possible details of the properties i.e. Agricultural Land, Village Home, Bungalows, Flats, Shops, Offices, Plots in City, Industrial Plots- Estates etc.

We understand searching for your old property back home which was left behind for decades or more is not an easy task for you. We render our services to all with slightest of the information/links, to what your forefathers did in the past towards making a better future for their generations to come by investing in land, building and other properties.

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Case Study:

“Mr. Rameshbhai Ishwarlal Patel left for USA in 1968. He left behind all land farms and other tangible assets with no care taker. In 1978 he was blessed with a son and he named him Chirag who grew up to be a helping hand in his business in USA. Things had changed in India since then and whatever assets Mr. Rameshbhai I Patel left had grown into a fortune. In an unfortunate incident Rameshbhai passed away and his son did not have any clue about the fortune back here. Chirag came in touch with NRG Realtors and all his property issues were taken care with only availability of his Father’s name and his Grandfather’s name and other details. Anybody can be as lucky as Chirag.”

Mr. Rameshbhai Ishwarlal Patel