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Rental Income from idle lying property


Rental Income from idle lying property

Rental Income from idle lying property

If you have your property lying idle in form of a flat, shop, bungalow or office in cities of Gujarat, we at NRG realtors will help you to get rental income from that property. We will make legal contracts so that your property is not encroached or no legal harassment is done by any tenant. As per new guidelines of High Court and Supreme Court, renting of property is not as complicated as it used to be in early days. We will be collecting monthly rent periodically and depositing in your bank account and if required we will be guiding you for your income tax and corporation tax planning, timely payment of electricity bills, gas bills by tenant and keeping a close watch on property for maintenance by tenant.

Rent Income from idle lying property

Rental Property Investment

Buying a property as an investment is regarded as most lucrative among investments. One way is to invest in a property that has potential to appreciate in value and the other is to buy a property that is ready to be let for rent. This will ensure that the cost recovery begins immediately without any gestation period. We advise our clients who are interested in purchasing residential and commercial properties with an intention of letting them out for rent. We recommend good, reliable and legally sound properties based on the client’s interests and budget in established and upcoming areas of various cities in Gujarat.

We help the client get all the papers after completing the procedures and formalities. It is our responsibility to ensure and verify that the property is dispute free and is legitimate. The process of selection or shortlisting the property can be undertaken even with the client living abroad. When the client actually comes to Gujarat, he/she has to only visit and choose any of the shortlisted properties.

Depending on the type of property we shall also have a list of potential tenant’s lined up for the client to meet and finalize the tenant immediately after the purchase of property is done. The scrutiny of the tenants shall be done by us before sending them to the client and we shall also draw the rental agreement as per the client’s wishes and enable the best possible rent as per the rates that prevail in the area.