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Purchase & Sale of Disputed Property


Purchase and Sale of disputed property in Gujarat

Purchase or Sale of disputed property in Gujarat

There are many kind of disputes with property in India. Generally the disputes related to inherited property are regarding to share of individuals and women in the family, many problems arise due to unlawful division of property without taking consent of all legal heirs who were not present there at the time of division. Many times the disputes are of possession in bungalows, residential, commercial or agriculture land, with any of these kind of disputes we help you to sell your property to right kind of buyer along with the right kind of price coupled with smooth transaction.

Buy & Sale Disputed Property

We enable outright sale of your disputed property, should you decide to sell. We find potential buyers. All legal documents have to be collected from government agencies and title clearance certificate has to be obtained from solicitors or advocates by giving a public notice in newspaper. This requires lot of time and before your visit to India we at NRG realtors manage all the sale proceedings, undertake the negotiations, paper work and legal formalities associated with the sale. We also make sure that you get the best price for your property, financial dealing and execution of the sale deed has to be completed in your presence which is a must in outright sale of property.