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About Us

Here at NRG Realtors, We Listen… because we understand your need to be understood.

Real Estate Agents in Gujarat

Much before we start individualizing property solutions for you, we work towards gaining insight into your requirements and aspirations. After all, wouldn’t understanding each other be the nicest way to begin a significant relationship such as ours.

We are an Ahmedabad based company, we are in the field of real estate in Gujarat since last 20 years and being active in construction of many residential, commercial projects as well as successfully finalizing land deals. As we explored the Non Resident Gujaraties Real Estate Scenario, we realized the problems faced by the NRG Clientele in dealing with disputed property in India and hence the idea of a One Stop Shop Solution for all your real estate property related needs evolved. We started our endeavor with our home ground at Gujarat and soon will be extending our services across country.

We give you solutions in the following broad categories:

  • To give you detailed information of inherited property situated in Gujarat
    Property could be inherited from both sides through Parental Inheritance. Many times property from Mother/Wife can be inherited and can be claimed in lawful manner.
  • To give you assistance in making property on your or your legal heir’s name
    Property lying idle since many years is like a hidden treasure which has to be on your name or your legal heirs name in Government records to make it a real gem.
  • To get you rental income from property lying idle in city or commercial areas
    Property lying idle is like money wasted which can be utilized in proper manner.
  • Legal advice on disputed property’s
    There are many legal problems with inherited property from family side and many times from wife’s side, we provide legal assistance in these type of issue’s.
  • Purchase and Sale of disputed Property in Gujarat
    We provide guidance in purchase and sale of any kinds disputed property.
  • Acquiring Duplicate document of your inherited property
    If you own any kind of property and want to acquire its duplicate documents. Our help will be available to you.