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NRG REALTORS caters to the sect of Gujarati’s who have migrated to the far corners of the world (mainly in U.S.A, U.K. and Africa) and left behind their ancestral assets, properties and inheritances with no clue or unable to stake claim to what is rightfully theirs in a Hindu undivided family, at that time property left behind was nothing in value, but today it’s nothing less than a treasure worth millions and even billions in some cases.

We are in a process of enriching your life by making fortune out of your ancestral property which was forgotten or not known to you.

Here at NRG Realtors we pledge our self to protect and promote the interest of our client. This obligation to the client is primary, but it does not relive us from obligation to treat all parties honestly.


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About Us

Much before we start individualizing property solutions for you, we work towards gaining insight into your requirements and aspirations. After all wouldn’t understanding each other be the nicest way to begin a significant relationship such as ours.

We are an Ahmedabad based company, we are in the field of real estate in Gujarat since last 20 years and being active in construction of many

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